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With the rollout of all of Google’s updates, SEO has become increasingly technical, and can require several yeas of experience to understand the mechanics behind how their new algorithm works. SeoMutual has well over 7 years of experience in the SEO arena. We are responsible for high rankings for well over 1300 websites collectively.

To put it simply, we identify keywords that lead to a significantly high number of conversions. This is an essential part of the process, because high conversions lead to a good return on your business investment.

Onsite SEO changes is by far one of  the most important steps in any solid SEO campaign. This is not just to bring better ranking, but also to ensure your internet marketing campaign is successful. Every great campaign starts from the website. If your website is not properly optimized for search engines and the end user, then your chances for success are drastically decreased.

Links on the net form a relationship between pages and websites that are shockingly important to search engines and businesses. Giants like Google, use links to crawl the internet, locate new pages, calculate popularity of said pages, and also to identify the relevancy of results to a user’s search query. We use high quality ethical links from popular social media websites.

There is an old saying in the SEO space. If it can be measured, then it can be improved. When it comes to search engine optimization, measurement is absolutely critical to success. We provide professional tracking for your links, referrals, ranking, and more. This helps to analyze a good SEO strategy, and creates a road map for success.

Web 2.0 Strategy

Web 2.0 networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have swept the internet by storm over the past few years. Because of their influence, we utilize their platform to leverage exposure to your business.

Link Exchange

We provide you with one way link exchange. This is done using old high Page Ranked websites. This ensures that the proper link juice flows through to your website.


For whatever reason, the search engines consider social bookmarking a quality backlink. Due to this fact, we make sure to include this detail in our strategy for ranking your website. From a logical standpoint, if a website has quite a few social bookmarks floating around the web, it would suggest that they must have some level of popularity. 

Polls & Questions

We use question and answer websites to post polls & questions on behalf of your business. This is yet another tool that aides in increasing your ranking in the search engines. 

Local Directories

Attracting new customers can be a pain for local businesses. Gone are the days when people would just go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. People are now turning to the internet to locate local businesses. Online directories allow local businesses to be found. We submit your business to a plethora of local directories. Every single directory is just one more opportunity for your business to be found online.

Blog Posts

We produce blog posts and submit them to high traffic social media networks on your behalf. This gives you a bump as it relates to ranking your website.

Video & Images

We strategically post videos and images to video and image sharing websites to accelerate your ranking in the search engines.

Results Delivered

Over the course of the next 14 days, we ensure that we deliver results for your business as it relates to ranking in Google and other major search engine providers. While you will see an increase in your ranking within the 14 Day free trial period, the biggest improvements will be seen around 1 – 3 months for most businesses.

Outline Of 14 Day Free Seo Trial

 Review your website for any prior Google penalties. 

 Keyword Research performed and submitted for your approval. 

 Provide your initial ranking report and grant access to your dashboard. 

 Onsite changes made to map the new keywords selected. 

 Link building starts and is added to your client dashboard. 

 Ranking report mailed detailing performance. 

 We deliver results in terms of improvements in rankings. 

 Final ranking report mailed outlining ranking achieved and links placed.

 You decide if you wish to continue using our services or opt out.

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